Colour: White.


The Fosans taught the rest of the galaxy the practice of Religion.

Deity: Hikari.

Element: Light.

Gate Guardians:


Monument: Ekklisía tou Hikari (Church of Hikari).

Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Fos system is the Fosium ore, which is the brightest metal in the galaxy and universe.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

A group of priests led by High Priest Shinpō Chūjitsuna from the Ekklisía tou Hikari were looking for the chosen one to become the vessel for their god, they claimed they had been looking to become closer to Him for some time so that they can bask in his glory and radiance. This was a ruse however, the truth was that Shinpō wanted to become a God of his own and this ideology had been passed down since the 437th generation. The ceremony required the chosen one to journey through all of the nine planets and meet with Pope Mōshin Shūkyō on Fos I, receive his blessing, then travel back to Fos IX and complete the ritual. This had happened once per generation but it was a grand occasion that continues to fool the inhabitants of its true nature, though thankfully it has failed every time thanks to the intervention of Lord Hikari. Even more so, due to its constant failings; the priests have eventually lost all credibility by the end of the 474th generation and they were desperate to bring themselves back into the spotlight.

They decided to use their own King for the ritual this time to bolster themselves back to glory, and told the populace it will grant him the powers of their god if the ritual was successful. King Akarui Hikariryoku initially did not believe their claim and was against the ceremony, but overnight this had changed and even more alarming was that he had become eager enough to support the priests both in restoring their credibility and finances. Unfortunately for them, a young representative of the faith named Sūhai Seitō was not easily fooled by the priests' deception, and he demanded them to stop their sinful act of treachery. His claims were easily rebuked by his peers however, and he was stripped of his title then cast out of the church. He called upon his mentor Keiro Shōmei to help, but even he cannot do anything as he had retired from the faith a long time ago. He suggested to his student to enlist the aid of nearby travellers.



Race: Fosan.


Fosans are able to use an ability called ‘Good Fortune’, which temporarily increases their luck.


Fosans wear white priest robes.



Fosans are human in appearance with lightly coloured skin and a glowing halo above their head, they also have white hair and white irises.

Natural Trait:

Fosans are naturally religious people.


Fosans are able to manipulate light.


Fosans are weak against darkness.

Solar System:
List of Planets:

Main Planet: