Colour: Black.


The Fysikans taught the rest of the galaxy the art of Science and the practice of Law.

Deity: Butsuri.

Element: Physical.

Gate Guardians:


Monument: Epistími Ergastírio (Science Laboratory).

Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Fysikós system is the Fysikium ore, which is the hardest metal in the galaxy and universe.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

Both King Kotai Butsuriryoku and his scientists wanted to prove The Creator made their universe and galaxy with the help of the twelve elemental deities, whilst using the Scroll of Truth as a starting point for their investigation. The lead scientist Kagaku Jitsuyō suggested the creation of the Time Watcher, a device capable of looking back into the past to witness events that have already happened without the risk of contamination from the viewer. This would then be projected onto a monitor to display the findings to the council members of the Coniunctio de Elementa, but when members of the public were told of this idea it caused rational concern from them as they feared it falling into the wrong hands. With this in mind; Kagaku carefully planned its construction so that it doesn’t happen, and they travelled to the Enosi Archigeío to propose the idea to the alliance and receive their approval before they can begin.

In the meantime; Kagaku's rival Shikō Nejireta has heard the news about the Time Watcher and planned to create his own device called the Time Distorter, this will allow him to interfere with the past so that he could be recognised as one of the gods in the Scroll of Truth. He tried to disguise it as the other and was initially successful in causing major confusion amongst the public during his marketing campaign, since both the King and Kagaku have yet to return from the Enosi Archigeío. Fortunately, the King was able to calm the public down after coming back home and denounced any involvement with the delusional scientist, then encouraged Kagaku to proceed with the development of the Time Watcher. Outraged that his credibility as a scientist was tarnished, Shikō decided to intercept the delivery of materials to Kagaku's laboratory and steal them for his own device. This led the King to hire escorts until further action is needed.



Race: Fysikan.


Fysikans are able to use an ability called ‘Hard Skin’, which turns their skin black and temporarily makes them invincible to physical damage. However, they are still vulnerable to magick but the damage is halved while in this state.


Fysikans wear black casual clothes.


Fysikans have grown up believing that honesty is the best policy, this means they can talk about anything with anyone and will not hold back on their choice of words. Due to this, they struggle to lie even to the best of their ability and do not put on good poker faces when doing so. Generally speaking; the majority of Fysikans are kindhearted and friendly, they are also hardworkers and people pleasers. This is a downside as it means they will frequently work to the point of exhaustion and must be forced to take a break, but most will know when to as they have either heard from others’ experiences or learned the hard way themselves. In addition, they do not judge something at face-value; they will wait until they have all of the evidence and facts of the matter before they make an informed opinion, but this doesn’t exclude them from making an honest assumption at first glance. True to their nature as well, they are skeptics when it comes to spirits since they are incapable of sensing their presence and find it difficult to believe in their existence.


Fysikans are human in appearance with dark brown skin, they also have black hair and black irises.

Natural Trait:

Fysikans have tough skin even while in their human form, this often makes it difficult for anything to pierce through it with sharp objects.


Fysikans are adept in martial arts.


Fysikans are weak to magick.

Solar System:
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Main Planet: