Colour: Brown.


The Gians taught the rest of the galaxy the art of Forestry, the practice of Gardening, Farming, Fishing, Herding, Hunting and the study of Herbalism.

Deity: Tsuchi.

Element: Earth.

Gate Guardians:


Monument: Zóo Asylo (Animal Sanctuary).

Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Gi system is the Gium ore, which is the heaviest metal in the galaxy and universe.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

The founder of the O.E.S. Shigen Saisei was supposedly murdered by his secretary Sakura Yōki recently. It was an odd case, she was swiftly arrested by the police with no resistance from her and was awaiting trial for her crime, despite there being no evidence of her committing it. Unfortunately for her, she was required to be the scapegoat for now as the people were furious from the loss of one of their own, and demanded justice to be done one way or another. King Shizen Tsuchiryoku had to call upon the aid of a well-known lawyer from Fysikós I named Shōko Isshōkenmei, as well as his recently knighted detective Sir Jimen Antei from his own planet to solve the case. Even more bad news is that during Shōko's travel to Gi III; a large amount of so-called 'evidence' had appeared on Judge Hanji Yama's desk one morning which placed Sakura at the scene of the crime, King Shizen was forced to personally arrest her and he publically locked her away in his dungeon. This has managed to calm the citizens for now and through all of this, Sakura was kept out of sight until the investigation concluded otherwise.

During the commotion however; two of the executives Kin Kitanai and Kōgai Sangyō took Shigen's place and in his name, they moved forward proposals that were aimed at making their solar system wealthier at the cost of polluting it. Detective Jimen investigated the company to find clues about Shigen's death but found the employees too busy grieving over the loss of their founder to be of any help to him, he had no choice but to break into the company’s confidential records without a permit. After being caught by one of the executives, they took the opportunity to sabotage Jimen’s reputation by leaking it to the media and it incited outrage from the employees, members of the public and the police force. His boss Heiya Yasei had no choice but to put him on suspended leave and told him he was not allowed to interact with the company further, unless he wanted to be arrested. Jimen requested help from King Shizen, who sent out a distress signal to enlist the aid of nearby travellers with the offer of going undercover.



Race: Gian.


Gians are able to use an ability called ‘Animal Instinct’, which temporarily boosts their senses and abilities.


Gians wear brown-coloured country clothes.



Gians are land-based anthropomorphs, they have brown fur and brown irises.

Natural Trait:

Gians have a deep and strong connection to their natural environment.


Gians are able to manipulate earth.


Gians are weak against wind.

Solar System:
List of Planets:

Main Planet: