Colour: Cyan.


The Págans taught the rest of the galaxy how to monitor their weather.

Deity: Kōri.

Element: Ice.

Gate Guardians:


Monument: Vounó tou Chióni (Mountain of Snow).

Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Págos system is the Págium ore, which is the coldest metal in the galaxy and universe.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

Prince Samui Kōriryoku lost his brother when he was young. They were playing around near the edge of the palace cliffs unsupervised and Hadasamui had slipped on some loose snow, he fell to the bottom and was picked up by a passing Chiónian. However, instead of telling the truth to his parents and knowing full well of the history between the two species; Samui lied to them instead by saying the leader of a group of bandits had taken his younger brother when they were outside and since no one was around to verify his story, they wholeheartedly believed him. This made his father strict with laws and he cracked down on criminals across the Págos system, eventually making it one of the most peaceful in the galaxy due to the 'no nonsense' attitude towards crime in general. Samui succeeded his father after he retired and continued his attitude towards crime, although he has lived with the lie and the truth of knowing his brother was instead kidnapped by a Chiónian, but it was through this he saved them from being unrightly slaughtered.

Over the years; Hadasamui was raised and taken care of by the Chiónian, who was called Sewa Hokkyoku. She lost her son not long before the time of her kidnapping the prince’s brother; she saw there was no way for the young boy to climb back up and she assumed he would've died if he tried going back to the entrance by himself, this was because the path was ridden with wild creatures and she felt the boy was unable to fend for himself. She also felt if she went there while carrying him, she believed she would've been killed due to the unfriendly history between the two species. Reaching the age of 20; Hadasamui felt it was time for him to return home and while this angered Sewa, she acknowledged it was right for him to do so but felt she wouldn't let him travel without some provisions and assistance. She would bring him back herself but she has grown old and cannot travel far from her home, she only asks Hadasamui to remember her as a mom and not as a beast once she passed on. He agreed but is still determined to return home, and Sewa sent out a distress signal with a salvaged device to enlist the aid of nearby travellers.



Race: Págan.


Págans are able to use an ability called ‘Icy Skin’, where their core is made of snow and their body turns into ice which greatly enhances their defensive capabilities temporarily.


Págans wear cyan-coloured tribal clothes.


Págans have grown up repressing their emotions for no explainable reason, and when questioned why by other races they think it is because of their environment. They further support the claim that if they pushed their emotions aside, it will make it easier for them to get through the waist-high fields of snow everyday but this is normal weather for the planet. The truth is; they have forgotten the rationality behind it since no one talked about it and therefore did not pass it on for the next generation, the real answer however is that the early inhabitants feared melting from the inside from expressing positive emotion due to the warm feeling it generated. Their calm and collected personality is second nature to them, but other races feel they are too reserved and find it difficult to form friendships with them. They also get very defensive when judged by other races and this can be seen as hypocritical, since they judge their fellow Chiónians frequently. They highly desire the interbreeding of both races as it will allow the Págans to overcome their weakness, but they are understandably afraid of their fur.

Chiónians in contrast have grown up being able to express their emotions freely and are not bogged down by fear. They try their absolute best to mingle with the Págans but whenever they enter a settlement populated by them, they are often the subject of stares and gossip. They too find it difficult to form friendships and relationships with them due to their warm fur and naturally higher body temperature, but they continue to try and this has led some to develop technologies that will aid in this process.


The Págans’ appearance differ depending on what type of species they are:

Págans have two types of species, both also have cyan hair and cyan irises:

Natural Trait:

Págans have an extremely high resistance to damage and are able to drink freezing cold water without it affecting them, they can also live comfortably in extremely cold temperatures.


Págans are able to manipulate ice.


Págans are weak against fire.

Solar System:
List of Planets:

Main Planet: