Colour: Light Grey.


The Pnévmans taught the rest of the galaxy the existence of spirits and the realm Nekrós.

Deity: Seishin.

Element: Spirit.

Gate Guardians:


Monument: Mnimeío tou Nekrós (Monument of the Dead).

Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Pnévma system is the Pnévmium ore, which is a transparent metal.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

A group of former politicians led by Saikai Nigiyaka were a bit too keen in wanting to be closer with their deity Seishin, and their proposal is more dangerous than flattering to the populace. Despite this concern; they still had support from members of the public in the construction of the Spirit Portal, a gateway designed to enable them access to the realm of the dead Nekrós (or so they thought). Saikai's old rival Dōki Isei felt if they did succeed, the energy from the realm would kill everyone on the planet. He set out a campaign to bring back those who were seduced by Saikai's ideology, but he was met with severe backlash and this made him bring the construction of the portal to King Netsui Seishinryoku. Unfortunately; he found that he too had been seduced and his only option left was to ask Queen Shiji Seishinryoku for help, she was only able to suggest he should enlist the aid of nearby travellers in his endeavour. He agreed to do so and devised a plan which he hoped would prove successful.



Race: Pnévman.


Pnévmans are able to use an ability called ‘Transparency’, which allows them to temporarily phase through solid objects.


Pnévmans wear light grey monk robes.


Pnévmans have grown up with an innate connection to the Spirit Realm; they discovered they were able to perceive spirits like any other living being since the beginning of their civilisation, but at first they had difficulty distinguishing between them. They soon learned to be able to tell the difference, the dead had a light grey glow around their body and they could not stay in the mortal realm for long. Eventually, the Pnévmans learned of a realm called Nekrós, it was a place where the dearly departed resided in and was managed by their God Seishin. Their research showed that no living being can cross over to it and no spirits could return after being escorted there but there were exceptions, such as; mortal realm-bound spirits who had unfinished business to attend to. With this information; they developed methods and technologies so they could contact those who resided in Nekrós and through this, some have managed to contact their friends, family and loved ones through mediums. Other times however, there have been incidences of possession from bad spirits and a ritual was created to dispel them. Overall, Pnévmans remain driven and enthusiastic that one day they can make the connection.


Pnévmans are human in appearance with lightly coloured, they also have light grey hair and light grey irises.

Natural Trait:

Pnévmans are naturally intune with the spirit world and able to sense their presence.


Pnévmans are able to manipulate spirit energy.


Pnévmans are weak against cosmic energy.

Solar System:
List of Planets:

Main Planet: