Colour: Grey.


The Sýmpans taught the rest of the galaxy the layout of the galaxy and their solar systems, they also formed the Coniunctio de Elementa.

Deity: Uchū.

Element: Cosmos.

Gate Guardians:



Noble Houses:


The ore found in the Sýmpan system is the Sýmpium ore, which is a metal that has its own magnetic field.

Population: 120,000,000,000.

Royal Family:

Main Plot:

King Zandaka Uchūryoku has heard of a prophecy by famous fortune teller Toritome Fukakai. It told of a man would be born without a mother and father and was the splitting image of The Creator, and it further stated that he will become the galaxy's saviour but their birth would also signal the destruction of all that existed. A search was carried out to find the man and see if he had been born yet, but the decision for what the King will do fell on his shoulders alone. The search also led the King to discover a cult that worshipped The Destroyer, and its members had tried to resurrect their god numerous times in the past with no success. He enlisted the aid of nearby travellers to help him in the search and infiltrate the hideout of the cult, who called themselves The End.



Race: Sýmpan.


Sýmpans are able to use an ability called ‘Scan’, which allows them to gather data on whatever they have as a target and use that information to their advantage.


Sýmpans wear grey form-fitting spacesuits.



Sýmpans are human in appearance with lightly coloured skin, they also have grey hair and grey irises.

Natural Trait:

Sýmpans have an extremely high level of intelligence and capable of becoming psychic.


Sýmpans are able to manipulate space and time.


Sýmpans are weak against spirit energy.

Solar System:
List of Planets:

Main Planet: