Development History:

Elementa began in mid-2010 as a fight role play chat room called BattleColiseum, it drew inspiration from a previously frequented chat room called FightRpArena and the two became friendly rivals for a short period of time. After an incident between the founder of BattleColiseum and a couple of members from FightRpArena (with one of them being the founder of that chat room), the two split and BattleColiseum became its own entity but at the time the setting was empty.

Where it all began.

There were four concepts that Vinh had developed overtime, with the fourth becoming the final design that stuck. Here they are:

For some time during the second and third concept; the chat room was renamed to RedheartsWorld and BattleUniverse, but these did not last. RedheartsWorld reformatted the chat room into a general one for a brief time when the founder wanted to focus on a world peace campaign called Accordancria, which was later dropped due to lack of interest and support from both the founder and potential members. BattleUniverse reformatted the role play type to being both a fight and regular role play chat room, which had stayed in its later re-imagining. Eventually the name was settled on TwelveElements (also known as 12ElementsOfcl) but instead of just being a role play chat room, it was also a place for business as the founder attempted to start one but that was later dropped as well due to lack of funding. And so, the founder decided to stick with just the role playing format for the chat room.

The timeline of events (as best as Vinh can remember) start from mid-2010 for the initial concept of the chat room, 2011 for RedheartsWorld and 2012 for BattleUniverse. The business idea began in late 2013 and came to fruition in 2014, but this was later dropped in early 2016.