Almost fourteen billion years after the creation of the universe; The Creator began work on a new galaxy, but before he did so he felt playful and loving which he found odd and named the additional area of space Ludere to reflect his mood. He reminisced on how far he had come and was reminded of the first beings he ever created, Otoko and Josei Saisho. He decided to create spiritual successors to them and called the male Passione while he called the female Amore, then placed them on The Land of The Beginning and the two instantly fell in love with each other upon first sight. They remained in a relationship for two billion five hundred million years, but for unknown reasons after that amount of time they drifted apart so much that Passione renamed himself as Odiore.

Nevertheless, they conceived a child during their time together and he was named Destino. He grew up hating his father for leaving his mother but at the same time, he wanted them to be happy together again. He created the Sun and the worlds Pólemos, Iméra, Eiríni and Nýchta, where they were placed north, east, south and west respectively around the giant star and the system was named Ekteló. Both Iméra and Nýchta had developed a monarchy that ruled their lands, with Giorno being on the eastern planet and Notte on the western planet. All four of these celestial bodies were also connected with each other via the World Bridge, an ethereal structure that anyone can travel through.

Destino eventually created his own domain above the galaxy in the realm of Theótita and he named it The Kingdom of Ludere, which allowed him to move away from The Land of The Beginning. He initiated the cult-like group called The Order of the Fated Knights in his realm after it was populated by a group of a million people, and they helped him maintain peace across the area of space. The god then laid in waiting for the perfect moment to occur so that he could show his parents just how ridiculous their situation is, where both Amore and Odiore complied and joined their son. Over time, the deities took favour in the ruling families of Iméra and Nýchta, with Amore becoming the matron of the Giorno family and Odiore became the patron of the Notte family. Their interactions however caused the two clans to be in constant war with each other, with no apparent cause for it. Destino had no choice but to watch and intervene just enough to prevent them from completely wiping each other out and thus concludes the history of Ludere.