General Rules:

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Rules For The Setting:
Fight Role Play:
  1. All fight role plays will be done one-on-one, unless the server owner states otherwise or the situation allows for more than one participant.
  2. Characters must have two special attacks and one finishing move, where special attacks are designed to deal a lot of damage and finishing moves are designed to end the fight.
  3. Killing is only allowed if the server owner feels it is good for the situation.
  4. No auto-hitting or godmodding.
  5. You must allow your character to rest after a battle, otherwise they will face the consequence of death.

Regular Role Play:
  1. All Armoured Forms will be activated with a trigger word, they are as follows: Indossare (from Iméra and Nýchta), Tragen (from Pólemos) and Porter (from Eiríni).
  2. All characters are allowed to have an Armoured Form, but if your character is not a member of either the Giorno or Notte families then they must wear Battle Armour.
  3. You are not allowed to use magick in this setting.
  4. You are only allowed to have one main character, but you can have an unlimited amount of supporting characters.
  5. You are only allowed to have one Armoured Form and that form can only have one upgrade.

Submit Your Character:

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Special Attacks:

Warrior Form:

Type of Fighter:
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