Episode List:

Main Plot:

Five hundred million years after the creation of the Ludere galaxy; two mortals were born in The Ekteló System, a male and a female. The male was called Luminoso Giorno and the female was called Oscura Notte. Both of them had met each other by chance while their families were hosting a party on Eiríni, and this was also where they fell in love with each other instantly upon first sight- but there was a problem with this however. Their families had been at each other's throats for as long as they can remember, and countless lives had been lost in a struggle that neither have any knowledge of to begin with. This fact didn't stop the newly formed couple from continuing to pursue each other, and it only made their bond stronger.

The party ended abruptly when the two announced their love for each other to their families and this inadvertently fueled their rage even more, which prompted the heads of the households to decide right then and there they will settle their differences with a fight to the death. Both Luminoso and Oscura were forced to accept since it was an opportunity for them to change the future and so, they prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. The deities who watch over the system stepped in to help, where Amore had favoured the Giorno family and blessed them with Divine Armour while Odiore favoured the Notte family and gifted them with Infernal Armour. The stage is set for a theatrical show that is packed full of drama and worthy of viewing by the gods.

Elsewhere on Pólemos, a man named Ewiger Blutrausch eagerly watched the battle from afar and picked up the pieces that remained. A very wealthy man who owned a company called Rüstungsherstellung, a private corporation that profited from the creation of armour for military personnel. He and the paternal members of his family always had big ideals, but Ewiger had the drive to carry them through. With the components he obtained from the battlefield, he put his plan into motion of achieving his dream.