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Not long after Destino created The Ekteló System in the galaxy of Ludere and laid in waiting, he found himself experiencing boredom as he had nothing to do. He decided to create three goddesses to entertain him and bestowed each of them the ability to sing and dance, where he collectively called them the Divine Sopranos. He tasked them with coming up an act that will surely please him and they got to work immediately, they scoured the universe for a song to draw inspiration from and stumbled upon a classic called Waltz of the Flowers.

When it was time for them to present their piece; one of the goddesses initially took the lead and flowers started to bloom on the ground beneath her feet, Destino was intrigued by this and he named her Vie. The second goddess followed after but the flowers wilted and turned dark as she danced, the god then noticed she wasn't phased by this and he named her Décès. The last goddess took to the stage and her graceful movements did something spectacular to the flowers, they disintegrated into energy and she brought them up into the air. She spread them across the area and new life sprung up from the ground, Destino named her Âme to reflect this display.

Once it was over, the god applauded their performance and he was grateful to them. He discovered however that something was created during their show, an empty space that seemed to bounce around soundwaves as far as the eye can see and it appeared between his realm and the galaxy below. This sparked an idea in Destino and he named it Ichó, then assigned the goddesses the task to create a solar system called Psychagogía but told them that instead of using their body this time they would have to use their voice. They agreed to the terms and began work on their new act.

The Divine Sopranos tried to scour the universe for a song to draw inspiration from but they found nothing, so instead they created their own and called it The Tree of Life. They started to sing and a Sun appeared at the centre of The Psychagogía System, then a planet appeared not long after which Destino had called Mousikí. Five continents were formed on the world as the goddesses continued to sing and it was eventually filled with an ocean, the landmasses' positioning took on the appearance of a 16th note where the stem of each note became leylines. The continents were then called Prima Nota, Seconda Nota, Terza Nota, Quarta Nota and Antarctico by Destino himself.

A sapling sprouted forth on Seconda Nota and was the physical form of the song the goddesses had created, it grew into a large tree and was given the same name in honour of it. It gave birth to the first inhabitants from its seedlings and they became known as the Naturam Dryadales, thus began the first era that became known as The Miniature Overture. The goddesses then created a magical harp that harnessed the power of the Ichó and they used another classical song called Dance of the Reed Flutes for the instrument to play, this brought balance and harmony to the world below and it started to thrive.

The Divine Sopranos however knew better than to leave the empty space unguarded and so they created six dragons to protect it, each aligned with six elements and they were: Earth, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Water and Air. After all was said and done, they went into a great slumber to regain their energy and thus concludes the history of the world.