Classes Taken By Players:
Instrument Maker.
Prima Vista.SeraiStorm.

Playable Classes:

The role of the Bard replaces the Cleric class and it specialises in the art of Restoration Magick.

Bards can heal all injuries either on one person or the entire party through their poems, and their power comes from the Goddess of Life Vie. They’re not fighters however as they have low Feedback, Musical Flair and Vocal Range, but they’re still a vital asset to the team since they’re the only class that can restore wounds.


The role of the Composer replaces the Druid class and it specialises in the art of Alchemy.

Composers can transmute materials into something else by purifying, maturing and/or perfecting those substances, they then use these ingredients to create items and potions for use on the field. They focus their efforts on changing the enemy’s condition and curing the party of any ailments, which involves them writing sheet music and then performing it on their theremin.


The role of the Conductor replaces the Paladin class and it specialises in Holy Magick.

Conductors have a special connection to the Divine Sopranos, whom they serve as messengers on the mortal plane. Additionally, they’re holy knights whose equipment has been blessed by the heavenly radiance of the goddesses and their mission is to protect the land and its people from danger. They’re natural-born leaders who can inspire people to do great things and they can lead the charge into battle during times of war, whereas in social settings their authority also extends to being able to enforce law and order.


The role of the Dancer replaces the Fighter class and it specialises in close-range combat.

Dancers move to the rhythm of the environment and they’re extremely nimble people, which come from years of training in a particular style. They have balanced stats and use their own body as a weapon but they’re not magick users, so keeping them at a distance will void their abilities in being useful. Meanwhile in social settings, their skills in dancing can even entertain the toughest of personalities and warm the coldest of hearts with their passion.

Instrument Maker:

The role of the Instrument Maker replaces the Warlock class and it specialises in Destruction Magick.

Instrument Makers can make tools for any use and empower them with magick, but their capability in handling them depends on their training. They mainly focus their efforts on destroying things and/or causing a disturbance to the natural harmony of the environment, which can extend into the Echo if they’re powerful enough. Their preferred instruments of war are drums, since shockwaves produced from these are capable of toppling even the mightiest of beasts.


The role of the Instrumentalist replaces the Ranger class and it specialises in long-range combat.

Instrumentalists can play any musical instrument they’ve had training in, where their skills can affect anything within earshot and the shockwaves produced are powerful enough to move objects. They have balanced stats like the Dancers and the difference between them is that Instrumentalists are best kept at a distance, but they can deal even greater damage up-close if they have the opportunity to do so.


The role of the Maestro replaces the Sorcerer class and it specialises in Elemental Magick.

Maestros can control all of the six elements and they have a natural ability to do so, where their skills are often the source of admiration and envy from their fellow Musicians. However despite their power, they are only limited to Level 4 and 5-tier spells, since this is what they can handle efficiently as anything lower can prove difficult to reduce in scope.


The role of the Minstrel replaces the Rogue class and it specialises in the art of Stealth.

Minstrels are highly capable sneakers as they are able to move around the environment much more easily and quietly due to their light-weighted clothing. Additionally, they are able to move over traps without setting them off and can disable them with ease. They can also handle locks of any kind and know how to pick them efficiently, a talent which comes from exploring numerous dungeons on their own. They’re often found travelling the world but they’re not shy in social settings either, they can steal items without much suspect and if they are suspected then they can use their charm and wit to get out of their sticky situation without hassle.


The role of the Musician replaces the Wizard class and it specialises in the art of Elemental Magick.

Musicians can control one element and their ability to do so comes from years of training, as well as being connected to it from their birth by being born under the sign. Unlike their Maestro counterparts however, they only have access to Level 1 to 3-tier spells but this doesn’t make them any less dangerous. For those who have the tenancity for it, some can even learn another element but without the connection to do so they can only do one spell.

Prima Vista:

The role of the Prima Vista replaces the Barbarian class.

The Prima Vista take the initiative in all situations and aren’t afraid to start singing at any given opportunity, which often causes more trouble to the party than what it’s worth but they generally mean well. They have high Feedback, Musical Flair and Vocal Range, so they’re notoriously known as humanoid tanks on the battlefield. They’re reckless however and can only be tamed by the Conductors’ calming spell, but otherwise they can be left to their own devices when attacking the enemy.


The role of the Rhymster replaces the Bard class and it specialises in Support Magick.

The Rhymster is a master of wordplay, they can form sentences which are silky smooth and have a natural flow to them while also being able to link the next line with the previous flawlessly. They focus their efforts on strengthening their party and/or weakening the enemy by manipulating the six attributes. They are a valuable member of the team and can help turn the tide of battle by refining the opposition’s stats with their abilities.


The role of the Singer replaces the Monk class and it specialises in the art of Summoning.

Singers can use their voice in song to call upon the Guardian Dragons’ advisors to help them in battle, where after they can then be commanded to deliver a powerful attack using Elemental Magick which is Level 6-tier. They can also be called upon to conjure an elemental storm to boost the effectiveness of that elements’ magick spells, but be careful as this can be a double-edged sword. Alongside their offensive and supportive traits, they can also call upon the advisors’ help to protect them with an elemental wall that blocks all attacks from enemies and can give players a momentary chance to strategise.