Main Plot:
First Era:

Six thousand years after the creation of Mousikí, a tragic event has occured on the world. A dark elf named Musicis Factorem Holz de Tenebris Dryadales was able to create an instrument in the form of a timpani with his powers as an Instrument Maker, he used it to disrupt the melody of the Godly Harp that was stored away in the Ichó by producing vibrations that were strong enough to cause some of the strings to snap. This had devastating consequences on the inhabitants below as it changed some people who were once kind and loving to go down a path of corruption, no one really understood what happened and there wasn't anyone to fix the heavenly instrument either. The goddesses were asleep and they couldn't be called upon to intervene, but they too were also affected by the damage as they started to have nightmares and these bad dreams had spawned terrifying monsters on the surface of the planet and the land hasn't been the same ever since.

750 years later; Mousikí has become a dystopian world, there were many hardships that the inhabitants faced but they have grown resilient since the incident. A majority of the people have gradually returned to wanting to make the world a better place, but their progress has often been slowed by the remaining some who liked things the way they are. News quickly spread like wildfire across the planet that a dark elf, supposedly the same one from all those years ago planned to conquer the world by building an army of monsters that roamed the lands. The monks chanted a prayer to the goddesses for help and despite their deep slumber they had answered, a ray of light then shone down from The Kingdom of Ludere and scattered across the lands to find twelve heroes worthy of saving the planet.

Second Era:

250 years have passed and the first era has ended, the epic that took place back then became known as The Ballad of the Dodecaphony. The legend was passed on by members of the Lux Dryadales and it quickly became a favourite among the populace, young children loved taking on the roles of the heroes when they played with each other and it was also a great conversational piece for the adults talk about. The Godly Harp was restored and the land started to heal, but the monsters still lurked in every corner of the world and was a very real reminder to the people that it had happened. They became a source of motivation for new recruits to join the royal army, but there are also those who strayed too far from the path of righteouness that they became bandits. In time however, things will get better but what can be done now to help quicken the restoration?