Season 01:

Sixteen billion years into the future, The Abyss has reached the end of its lifespan and began to fade from existence. This caused devastating effects in both the universe and Theótita as the realms started collapsing in on itself, with the inhabitants initially being unaware of the event but they eventually discovered the crisis. Everyone immediately worked together and tried to formulate a plan in an attempt to stop it from continuing, but they remained oblivious to the existence of the consciousness that made it all possible.

The Conglomerate of Victoria scoured the universe and invented technologies in an attempt to find something that can help push back the collapse, but they were unsuccessful. After years of trying and failing to prevent the natural disaster, the inhabitants decided to accept their fate and continued to live out their remaining lives. What will you do in this scenario? How will you go about with your lives knowing that your universe is nearing its end?

Season 02:

After the complete collapse of both the universe and Theótita, there was nothing left but the void. It remained this way for an undefined amount of time until something happened, a spark of light appeared in the darkness and a new life was born- it called itself Kibō and took on the appearance of a woman. She felt an enormous amount of life within her belly and looked deep within herself to see what it was, where much to her shock she had found an entire universe and a realm that radiated godly energy but saw that the inhabitants were sleeping. She expelled both of them from her body and was immediately struck with a vision, which told her exactly what happened before her existence came to be and she was overcome by grief.

Kibō spent some time mourning the death of her predecessor and she came to terms with her new role, she created her own domain called Exo and granted access to the inhabitants of both the universe and Theótita only if they were worthy enough. She set her sights on fixing the two realms but was unsure of how to do so, so instead she spent the next ten million years meditating to discover her powers. During this time, two thoughtforms were unintentionally created and they were called; Yameru and Ikimasu. Yameru became the negative conscience who consistently tried to prevent Kibō from achieving her goal, while Ikimasu protected her and encouraged her to keep going.

At some point however, they were both expelled from the goddess' mind and became physical beings. Yameru took the opportunity to wreak havoc in the universe and Theótita, with Ikimasu following to stop it from destroying anything. This conflict started a new age and when it was time for Kibō to finish her meditation, she was again struck by grief at the devastation that was left behind by the two beings' battle. She was enraged shortly after and imprisoned both Yameru and Ikimasu in a domain called Exoría, which she created as a separate realm to serve as her personal prison.

Afterwards, the goddess created a being called The Fixer who was to help her with the reconstruction of both the universe and Theótita. She placed him in the realm of deities to begin with and sought to observe his actions, where she saw that his initiative was to create multiple beings to help him in the mammoth task. What strength can you bring to the table to help repair the realms and awaken the inhabitants from their slumber?